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POST ID: 151 - giovedì 28 gennaio 2016

Summer camps and courses of languages abroad, consultancy day by Carol Panchaud

Last year I was invited to the Consultation Day on Summer Camps and Languages Courses (English, French, German etc.) organized by Carol Panchaud, an International Education Consultant. There, I met a huge number of representatives of summer camps and colleges in England, France, Swiss and in other European countries. I had the chance to speak with camps directors (not agents, but teachers or managers coming directly from their schools), they gave me info, catalogues, direct contacts and I could have a very exhaustive idea of languages educational programs offered in Europe and not only. The entrance is free and you are not requested to buy anything. I found the idea very useful for those who wish their children to go and learn foreign languages abroad.

Today, I received the invitation to next 2016  Carol Panchaud Consultation Day and I wish to share with you:

Consultation Day on Summer Camps and Languages Courses, organized by Carol Panchaud:

Tuesday 2th february 2016

at Hotel Parco dei Principi (via Frescobaldi, 5 Roma) from 10h30 to 19h00.


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